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Re: [IPp] Swimming.....

 We have been using Tincture of Benzoin Compound, We got it at CVS over the
counter, $5.50, I wipe it on my daughters skin where the site is going, wait
till it is just about dry - too dry and it looses it some stickyness, like IV
preps do - and put the site in. So far it has stayed on during baths, and hour
long swims, I am so happy about this! We also use Remove to take the sites off
and clean up the skin, as removing the sites have been almost as tramatic as
putting them in- we have used this before the Benzoin Compound. This was a tip
from a sweaty teenager friend who does lots of sports (and wears a pump). So far
it has worked great!

We swam for the first time today with the pump (we started in January). I
used the IV Hand and the IV prep and am using a Comfort (Same as Mini
tender) angled set. It pulled out after about an hour. We disconnected to
swim, so it wasn't "pulled out" by the tubing, it just seemed to lose its
ability to hold onto the skin. He is ten and is all over in the water, so
he is a rough swimmer....and his set is currently in his rear (not enough
fat any where else!). Have any ideas for me...makes for an expensive swim!

Kristen - mom of Katie (14), Joe (12) and Will (10, dxd 3/05, pumping Cosmo
since 1/06!!)

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