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Re: [IPp] Summer Camp

On one of the sheets for the school I had added "may become unconscious but
thankfully this has never happened to date".
The teachers have said that this really helped them feel more confident. So,
I feel that they need the info but there is a supportive empowering way to
put it.
Best of luck
Mum to Grace 7yrs pumping 19mths
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From: "Louis Diaz" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: 08 June 2006 21:35
Subject: [IPp] Summer Camp
> I signed up my daughter (4.5) to a new camp this summer, (for 1 week).
>  Obviously, I told them that she had diabetes and wore a pump.  I
> informed them that she would have to be tested and observed, while she
> pumped herself.  She can currently test herself as well, but it's
> easier if someone else does it.
> Anyway, there seem to be no problem.  The head of the camp requested a
> letter from her doctor basically stating that it was ok for her to
> attend.  The endo provided the letter with no issues, it was basically
> a form letter as this is a common request.  After receiving the letter
> the camp called with some serious reservation about letting her
> attend.  I read the letter and it clearly was a bit scary for someone
> who is not well informed about diabetes.  It basically lists the worse
> case scenarios, e.g. the pump breaks, keytones, urine testing,
> seizures, glucogon, convulsions and vomiting, etc.
> At first I was very upset with the camp.  I spoke with them several
> times today and tried to reach an agreement that everyone would be
> happy with.  I will now on a daily basis go to the camp before lunch
> and test her myself.
> I also suggested that the camp call the endo directly so that they
> could find out that while possible, the above is the exception.
> I am now signing special release forms and testing her so that she
> could attend the camp just like any other regular kid.
> The whole incident was a bit depressing and gave me a clue as to the
> uphill battles our children face and the likely discrimination they
> will be subjected to.
> What is your opinion, should letters from endos include all the scary
> details?  In the past for other schools and camps I have created a
> document that describes diabetes and insulin, hypo and hyperglycemia
> their signs and testing.
> .
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