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Re: [IPp] Re: Summer Camp

Oh, I didn't realize that your daughter was only 4 1/2.  Wow, I didn't send my
Non-D kids to camp until they were 7!  Even then I went along with my D kid
when he was 7.  Wait, he was actually 8 when he first went (spring baby).
Anyway, independence is great, but at only 4, that is a bit young.  Even with
a bright child.  I don't think that any of my kids were left on their own
somewhere (without one to one support) at that age.  No, I don't think so.  I
know that my Dm kid, Jon, could test himself at 3 and 4 years old, but was too
young to know what those results meant.  Just now, at 9, he can tell us what
the results mean to him and what action, if any, needs to be done.  He has
also been calculating insulin to carb ratio, but not every time.  He has a
long time to do that yet!  : )


Susan Mom to:
Julianna (21)
Danny (19) autism, PDD
Katrina (15)
Jonathan (9) type 1 08/00, pumped for 3 months in 2002, back on needles since
09/02, allergies, ADHD
Nicholas (7), autism, ADHD, allergies, ventricular tachycardia, auto immune

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> I had to read your letter twice, because I couldn't really believe that you
> would send such a young child with diabetes to camp and just expect
> to be taken care of.
> This is just a day camp you are talking about right?  My daughter is now
> pumping over five years, diabetes for over 9 years and this is the first
> summer that I would even consider letting her do that sort of thing.  She
> very intelligent, responsible, and mature for her age.  But when a low
> happens, brain function is impaired.
> You are setting yourself up for some possible very bad outcomes, if not
> in the future.  You need to take responsibility yourself for your child's
> health.
> In my opinion, this is not discrimination on the camp's part, but common
> sense.
> Barbara, mum of Claire 12
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