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Re: [IPp] Summer Camp

Hi Louis,
after reading your mail, my first reaction was to think that this is  
a rsult of injustice. That's when you think that we are unluckily not  
able to do with our kids what we would have done if not diabetics. I  
think that sending your daughter so ypoung would make her pa the bill  
as she is definitely too young to deal with diabetes outside bg etc.  
Maybe in the US it's the law, but then to avoid problem they would  
take her and leave her on the side. In a camp there are so many kids.  
So to make sur youre daughter is fine would be too much. I really  
think that the worse case scenario would happen if you or a nurse  
wouldn't go.
And if I understand properly, she is only Four and a half?
Sure you need a break , but not sure it would be one.
Take care,
Manuela, mom of Giulia, 8, pumping Czmo
Le 08-juin-06 ` 22:35, Louis Diaz a icrit :

> I signed up my daughter (4.5) to a new camp this summer, (for 1 week).
> Obviously, I told them that she had diabetes and wore a pump.  I
> informed them that she would have to be tested and observed, while she
> pumped herself.  She can currently test herself as well, but it's
> easier if someone else does it.
> Anyway, there seem to be no problem.  The head of the camp requested a
> letter from her doctor basically stating that it was ok for her to
> attend.  The endo provided the letter with no issues, it was basically
> a form letter as this is a common request.  After receiving the letter
> the camp called with some serious reservation about letting her
> attend.  I read the letter and it clearly was a bit scary for someone
> who is not well informed about diabetes.  It basically lists the worse
> case scenarios, e.g. the pump breaks, keytones, urine testing,
> seizures, glucogon, convulsions and vomiting, etc.
> At first I was very upset with the camp.  I spoke with them several
> times today and tried to reach an agreement that everyone would be
> happy with.  I will now on a daily basis go to the camp before lunch
> and test her myself.
> I also suggested that the camp call the endo directly so that they
> could find out that while possible, the above is the exception.
> I am now signing special release forms and testing her so that she
> could attend the camp just like any other regular kid.
> The whole incident was a bit depressing and gave me a clue as to the
> uphill battles our children face and the likely discrimination they
> will be subjected to.
> What is your opinion, should letters from endos include all the scary
> details?  In the past for other schools and camps I have created a
> document that describes diabetes and insulin, hypo and hyperglycemia
> their signs and testing.
> .
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