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Re: [IPp] no subject- (low at night)

 Mary uses much less insulin at night......waaay less and then jumps up fast for
the dawn phenom........she too is 13 and here are her rates (I don't think you
can really compare amounts as you will see but you can see the abrupt changes in
insulin requirements.
  12 am - .60
  3 am - .50
  5:30 am - .925
  7:30 am - .950
  9 am - .80
  12 pm - . 925
  2:30 pm - .80
  6 pm - .875
  10 pm - .525
  interesting that both kids use the lowest amount at 3 am.....

Dianne Shekell <email @ redacted> wrote:
  My son was having the same problem. We had to put in another basal rate
that was a lot lower than his other ones. You may have to do that for just
one hour (although his is for 3 hours). How long of a period is the basal 
rate that you changed?
What ARE your child's basal rates (for the full day). Why don't you send 
them in a post. Maybe that could
give us a clue and we might be able to suggest something else to try. My son 
now has 7 basal rates. His lowest one is at 3 am. These are his rates. 
They may sound strange, but they work for him.
12am - 2.4
3am - 1.65
6am - 2.7
9am - 3.95
12pm - 3.75
6pm - 3.9
10pm - 3.5
That lower 3am one has been in there for over a year now and still 
Dianne, mom to Johnny 13, pumping on a Cozmo
(what is your name by the way


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