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Re: [IPp] (no subject)

We usually increase basal one hour before a consistent high.
Also, try suggesting to not eat a night snack to see if it makes a
difference.  Then you can confirm that the basal is correct if the BG
stays consistent.

My daughter (4.5) goes high if her BG is not in range by 11pm.  She
then seems to have insulin resistance till about 3am.  So, we try to
make sure she doesn't eat past around 8:30pm or else if she is high
after 11 we are checking and correcting every 2 hours till 3am.

On 6/6/06, email @ redacted <email @ redacted> wrote:
> help heres the scenario my daughter 13 pumping 4 years diag 5 years has  been
> having   night highs increased basal rate 2 hours prior to high  went down to
> 32 doctor suggested increasing basal earlier in the night still  went very
> low we are talking very small increments and highs in the high  200 so now my
> daughter wants to take a pump break we are getting up at 1;30  every night to
> check blood sugar and do a correction the dr suggested changing  evening carb
> ratio was 15-1 changed evening snack to 12-1 a low of 41 last night  I cant
 > figure this out any thoughts or suggestions please sorry about the spelling
> we have been doing this 5 weeks now and im  exhausted
> .
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