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[IPp] re: Traveling to Europe with pump

We've gone to Europe twice in the past 2 years with our son Luke (now
11).  As others have mentioned, we just leave the pump time set at our
home time until we land.  We have found that we usually need to do a
temp basal of about 110-125% during the long flight because Luke tends
to run high if he's sitting around a lot.  Then we just convert to the
new time zone, and go from there.  Lots of testing.

I take double what we need but we carry it all with us - I don't trust
check-through for something I don't want to lose.  (We have 3 kids in
our family, so between the 5 of us there is plenty of carry-on room.)
We take a loaner pump, we take a memo from our doctor saying we can
carry the pump & needles (we do that for US domestic travel too), we
have Luke wear his diabetes bracelet to show security.   We also make
sure to have insulin pens with us (he uses Novolog), and drink plenty
of water.  We put our insulin & pens in a Frio pocket thing to keep
them somewhat temperature controlled too during the travel.

You will have to test  quite a bit the first couple of days & then the
as you come back home - but with a 3 yr old you probably test a lot

Carry something that's about the carb-equivalent of a meal if you can.
 We've gotten delayed too many times, and Luke does reach the point
where he really needs to eat.  But again, with a 3yr old, you'd
probably do that anyway.

Good luck & enjoy your trip.
 Shelly V, mom to Luke, 11, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01 (MiniMed Paradigm +
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