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Re: [IPp] New to Animas Pump

Mary Beth,
We've all been though what you're going through and we know it's really 
tough.  If you're keeping really good records and her numbers have been good 
through the night, you can start weaning yourself from THREE middle of the 
night tests.  3 weeks of middle of the night testing IF her numbers have 
been good is going to wear all of you out!

I remember it took us about six weeks until things really started to 
stabilize and it's been great ever since.  Hang in there!  You can do it and 
so can Carly!

Kate's been on the pump for almost a year - we test her at 10pm (she goes to 
bed late!) and correct with insulin or food.  We test again at 5:30am.

The only time we test in the middle of the night is if she's had extra 
exercise (like swimming or roller blading) OR if her numbers before bed or 
5:30am numbers have been low for one night or high for two nights.

Hope this helps!  We can't wait to get a note from you telling us things are 
getting better!
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Subject: [IPp] New to Animas Pump

> My daughter Carly, who is 10, was diagnosed July 27, 2005, and has been
> using the Animas pump for about 3 weeks.  This morning she hit the wall.
> We have been testing at midnight, 3 am and 6 am.  She was exhausted and
> didn't want to get up for school.  As much as I try and test without her
> waking up, she does.  How long does night time testing last?  I'm sure
> it is individual and may be indefinite, but it is becoming a struggle.
> Her numbers for the most part have been wonderful.  And my husband and I
> have both noticed that she's like a different kid on the
> pump............ no more mood swings, headaches, stomachaches etc.  I
> think she may have been having a why me moment.  (which she is certainly
> entitle to) We are going to Washington DC on Tues on behalf of the ADA
> for the congressional Scientific Sessions.  Which I think she may find
> that a little intimidating, but, I think it will be fun.  This morning
> she hated the pump, hated the testing, hated diabetes, thinks they'll
> never find a cure, we're wasting our time etc.  I know she was tired
> but, I'm really trying to convince her that we need to do our best until
> a cure is found and to never ever give up hope.
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