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Re: [IPp] New to Animas Pump

Mary Beth,  The first girl we tested around the clock every 2 hours for 2
weeks.  The second one was about 10 days.  I knew after 7 days we were on
the right track but did a few more for safety.  Our doctor said it was ok to
stop then too.  It is just so the doctors are able to make sure they did the
calculations correctly.  They should have told you that right from the start
so you knew what to expect.

I have to agree with you on "she's like a different kid on the
pump............ no more mood swings, headaches, stomach aches".  Rebekah
was always crabby and had a lot of stomach aches.  She would be found
sitting at her desk in school crying for no reason.  Her teacher last year
(3rd grade) notice almost right away that there was a difference in her
after starting the pump.  He was very surprised at her turn around in moods.
She was doing better in school and this year did not bring home as much
homework. No the crabby Rebekah is more of the age.

I do not understand why the doctors gave us such a fight to get the girls on
the pumps to start with.  It clearly shows that all around it is better for

Deb Mom to Sarah 12, Rebekah 10 dx 4-1/2 yrs

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Subject: [IPp] New to Animas Pump
> My daughter Carly, who is 10, was diagnosed July 27, 2005, and has been
> using the Animas pump for about 3 weeks.  This morning she hit the wall.
> We have been testing at midnight, 3 am and 6 am.  She was exhausted and
> didn't want to get up for school.  As much as I try and test without her
> waking up, she does.  How long does night time testing last?  I'm sure
> it is individual and may be indefinite, but it is becoming a struggle.
> Her numbers for the most part have been wonderful.  And my husband and I
> have both noticed that she's like a different kid on the
> pump............ no more mood swings, headaches, stomachaches etc.  I
> think she may have been having a why me moment.  (which she is certainly
> entitle to) We are going to Washington DC on Tues on behalf of the ADA
> for the congressional Scientific Sessions.  Which I think she may find
> that a little intimidating, but, I think it will be fun.  This morning
> she hated the pump, hated the testing, hated diabetes, thinks they'll
> never find a cure, we're wasting our time etc.  I know she was tired
> but, I'm really trying to convince her that we need to do our best until
> a cure is found and to never ever give up hope.
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