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[IPp] that vaccine website

Hey all,

A recent post listed a website which claimed to prove that vaccination 
caused diabetes.  Since the sender asked what other POP readers thought 
of the website -

(1) No single scientific study ever proves anything.   What we know 
about the world is always subject to change as more knowledge is 
gained, as better technologies are developed, etc.  However, this 
website promotes a single study as "proving" that diabetes is caused by 
vaccines; this tells me that the company behind the website is not to 
be taken seriously as a scientific resource.

(2) Note that this website states that it "proves" that diabetes is 
caused by vaccines, in practically the same breath used to proclaim 
that their patented technology is available for licensing.  This makes 
it pretty clear that their primary goal is not really education or 
improvement of public health.  Further, they have apparently not been 
able to find any buyers for their technology through any traditional 
business avenues.

(3) The site is correct in stating that there is little financial 
incentive to develop new vaccines.  This is largely because current 
vaccines are very safe and very effective (albeit not entirely 
perfect).  Developing vaccines which could be fractionally better 
probably isn't cost-effective.  Another disincentive is the fact that 
websites like this encourage the paranoia and hysteria which encourage 
frivolous lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers.  And then, finally, 
ask yourself:  would *you* consider it a good business plan to develop 
a product such that, once it existed, most of the world would insist 
that you had a moral obligation to give it to them for free?

Check out the following website (your tax money has paid for it, after 
all) to find out more about vaccine safety, what has been done recently 
and is being done to make safer vaccines, and how to apply for 
compensation in the case of injury from vaccines (yes, they do occur, 
albeit rarely, and there is a formal government program available for 
financial compensation to victims)

Maria Oyaski
mom to Sigrid, dx'd @ 11 mos.
  - and if I have another child, that child WILL receive every vaccine 
under the sun!
How quickly we forget that infectious diseases were the #1 cause of 
death in this country, as recently as 1920....
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