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Re: [IPp] Paralysis after a mild low bg

Carla...this happened a year ago. The doctor thought I was CRAZY! I cannot 
tell you the details that happened at this point, however, what your child is 
experiencing are symptoms of Celiac disease.  Once he is gluten free, it takes 
the gut about 3-6months to heal, your child will become "liveable"  hair will 
grow,eczema will go away, growth will increase!  Does your child have dental 
problems?  That's all Celiac!  Thyroid disease also.  
Yes, I live here in US, California actually, where do you live?
You did the right thing!  Tell me, what was your doc's response when your 
 child tested positive??? Tell your Doc to start looking for it in his practice!
It will appear in children with Type 1 diabetes that are not under control 
due to the malabsorption!
The seizure with the paralysis is common phenomeom, this is with type 1 as I 
said before due to malabsorption.  The body goes to the gut first for sugar, 
draws as much as possible and eventually the brain, usually has appearance of 
stroke due to such low's..the human body does not tolerate this.
If your doc is a non-believer, please have him contact Dr.Fasano at Maryland 
University, he is known throughout the world on his research, also Dr,Murray 
at Mayo Clinic, Dr. Green at Columbia University.  any one of these fine docs 
will help educate your physician and give him everything he needs to diagnose 
these cases!
My best to you!   If the endo is positive and you need to go gluten free, e 
mail me, I will give you all the sites for food!  And the support groups!
My Best to you!
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