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Re: [IPp] Paralysis after a mild low bg

I am just so glad to hear from someone else who maybe shares our health
history!  When did this happen to your daughter?  I had his doctors run a
celiac panel on him a few weeks ago despite our endo's lack of concern about
him having celiac.  I have been suspicious that he did in in fact have
celiac and his tests came back positive.  We are scheduled for the endoscopy
in a couple of weeks to confirm the blood test results.  I am hopeful that
correcting his diet may improve his wacky immune system although I am not
sure if that is possible at this point.  But since we are on our 3rd
autoimmune illness, 4th if you count mile eczema, I am hopeful.  I have
NEVER had a doctor tell me a reason linking all of illnesses together with
the inability to walk preceeding them all...and I have asked/pleaded...but I
have always felt they are connected with each other.  Thanks for sharing
this info with me.  Do you live in the US?  Just curious.  Carla

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Date: Saturday, June 28, 2003 5:50:35 PM
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Subject: Re: [IPp] Paralysis after a mild low bg

Carla, the same thing happened to my daughter who is now 14 today. She was
mis-diagnosed! She has Celiac disease!
This is often misdiagnosed by doc because they do not believe this is
  prevelant in the U.S. However, there is a huge surge of research going on
  children's hospitals and in Columbia, Mayo, and N.Y. Universities, this
is autoimmune, it is linked with diabetes, especially type 1. It is a
malabsorption of foods that cause the lows! Celiac effects the villi in the
  esphogus,stomach and all intestine lining. All exposure to
  cause the death, actual necrosis of the villi...the insulin is in the body
there is no food! Seizures occur, usually nightime, paralysis is not unusual

Have your child checked out for this and ask for a complete Celiac panel!
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