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[IPp] Paralysis after a mild low bg

Hey everybody,
We have just returned from The Children's Hospital of Alabama after 24 hours
of what I can only describe as hell on earth.  Yesterday morning I went in to
wake my son Jeffrey, 7(dx 5/00) at 8am to get ready for bible school.  He was
hard to wake up but that is not out of the ordinary.  During my rushing around
trying to get his two sister ready to go, I notice that he apparently cannot
sit up.  He was laying on his right side and every time he tried to raise up
he fell back down onto the bed.  So I think to myself ok a low, and get the
meter, he is 60, not that bad, but a little low.  Believe me he has been
lower, seizure lower.  So I get some juice and get his older sister to try to
hold him while I give him the juice, he seems to be understanding what I am
saying to him, looks at me when I say his name, etc.  Then I notice that the
right side of his mouth is drawn down, and his right arm is completely limp,
just hanging.  I knew something was wrong.  He could not stand, he could not
speak, he was non functioning on the right side.  So we call 911 and his endo.
We got to the ER and he failed all of his neurological exam. Could not do any
of it.  Could not say my name.  Laughed and giggled like a baby.  (Not at all
the way he would act in a normal situation if he was in the hospital) My
husband arrived and he was slowly gaining his control of his arm and leg, but
only very limited verbal.   At 10:30 he finally said Momma, but could not tell
us his sisters name, could not say Daddy, could not tell us the name of his
baseball team.  You could tell that he knew what he wanted to say but could
not get it out.  He vomited twice in the ER.  We were transferred to
Children's where his endo is and by the time we got there he was almost back
to normal, but it was then 3PM!  Seven hours after i woke him up.  By the way
bloodsugar at the first ER was 147, and normal throughout.  Well, we have had
CT's, MRI's, EEG, complete lab workup.  So far no sign that it was a stroke.
They are covering all the bases and we are seeing a Ped Cardiologist on
Thursday.  CT neg, MRI neg.  Good news!  But why did this happed?  And why did
it take him so long to come out of it?  Have any of you ever experienced this
before?  The Dr.s told us that they see it in adults but rarely in children.
He is now on 1/2 baby aspirin a day.  Any comments would be sooo appreciated!
Laura Fuller, mom to Eryn,10, Jeffrey, 7, (dx 5/00. pumping 2/02) and Mary
Glenn 5.
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