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[IPp] Vaccines Cause D?

 I know this horse has been beaten to death a million times, but this lady on my
other support group posted this link & I wanted to get your thoughts on it.
Welcome to the Vaccine Safety Website

(see What's New)

Vaccines proven to cause diabetes, many seek compensation from US government.

(Link to data proving vaccines cause diabetes)

 This site is dedicated to the promotion of safer immunization practices through
the application of scientific principles to vaccine research. The website
highlights research into the long term effects of vaccines and discusses
potential harmful effects of vaccines. The content of this site is not intended
to be anti-immunization but instead to promote the concept that the goal of
immunization is to promote health not eradicate infections. It is hoped that
through the collection and dissemination of information about the chronic
effects of vaccines, safer immunization practices will become available for
those who choose to be immunized.

  Vaccines have been proven to cause insulin dependent diabetes and many are
seeking compensation from the US government for this vaccine induced injury.
(see press release) (information on lawyers)


  There is growing evidence that immunization cause a large number of other
chronic diseases including autoimmune diseases, allergies, asthma, cancers, and
Gulf War Syndrome. Data linking these diseases to vaccines includes human and
animal data. In some cases the increased risk of developing these diseases
following immunization exceeds the risk of the infectious complications
prevented by immunization. Furthermore there is data that these complications
are unnecessary and vaccines can be given in ways that actually prevent the
development of these diseases.

 For more information on vaccine safety and your rights contact The National
Vaccine Information Center http://www.909shot.com

Key Data Slides

 I. Immunization starting after 2 months of life is associated with an increased
risk of diabetes

(Link to data proving vaccines cause diabetes)

1.Pertussis vaccine-Animal data

2.Hemophilus vaccine -Human data   

3.Hepatitis B vaccine-Human data

4.Tuberculosis (BCG vaccine)-Human data


II. Immunization starting at birth associated with a decreased risk of diabetes


1.Mouse data

2.Rat data

3.BCG vaccine in humans

4. Smallpox vaccine in humans


III. Risks of Immunization


IV. Asthma 


 Information obtained on this website is intended solely for the dissemination
of scientific information and is not intended for use as medical advice.


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