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Re: [IPp] Pouch/Case for Cozmo


We went to a little kiosk in the mall where Verizon Wireless is. Anyrate,
they had a $15 case I use for Brittany. It works well, but we don't like to
use it in the water so we use the clip that the Cozmo came with and that
clips nicely on the back of her shirt, bathing suit, pocket etc. Brittany
loves to wear nightgowns so we attach it to the back of her. I found that
Brittany liked to play with her sites making her run higher than usual so I
made a case for the pump. Real easy if you have a sewing machine. I just
made a pocket with velcro on the top to secure the pump in and then wrapped
some elastic with fabric and attahed the pocket to it. I had some Pokemon
fabric and used that. Since I made this, she hasn't played with her site
and/or chewed on the tubing...I guess out of site out of mind. I hope this

Vikki mother of
Brittany 5 dxd 10/02, Thomas 8, Matthew 12

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> For those of you pumping with Cozmo, do you use any kind of pouch or case
> or do you just use the clip that comes with it?  What kind of pouch has
> worked best for you?
> Thanks!
> Michele
> Mom to Maria (5) dxd 2/03
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