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[IPp] IV3000 and Op Site dressings

I have both the Op Site and IV3000 dressings, both made by Smith and Nephew.  
They are very similar.  The Op Site came with Ametop cream that I purchased, 
which is a better alternative to Emla cream (works faster and leaves the veins 
better for poking), but is more expensive.  Hospitals that have it can only 
use Ametop rather than Emla with a doctor's express approval--or so it was in 
the hospital where Claire had surgery.  I brought my own with me.  
       The OpSite is used with cuts, whereas the IV3000 is better for IV 
dressings, or pump catheters.  Tegaderm is a very similar product, just a 
 different manufacturer. They are expensive products. I just noticed that a box
100 has doubled in price since the last time I ordered it.  We don't use them 
often, so our box will last quite a few more years.  But they can be really 
helpful when kids are doing a lot of swimming.  
       I cut a hole in the middle of the IV3000 dressing and then place it 
 around the Quick-set, so the set can still be disconnected, but the set is held
down really well.  Try to test one out before ordering a large box, in case 
 your child's skin is sensitive to the product. Tegaderm left a red mark for 30
days on Claire, the Smith and Nephew products don't bother her.  Others have 
opposite results. 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
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