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 Oh, I forgot to mention to use saran wrap or other plastic piece over the glob
to absorb. It does take approx. 45 minutes for the elamax to work. Soon they
will be coming out with a numbing agent that works in just 5 minutes.

Hope this helps.


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My daughter has been having more than usually pain when I insert the
Quick Set.   I'm using her backside (buttocks) and I'm inserting it where
there is plenty of fat/tissue.   Ice does not work, because, after I ice
it up to insert the set, it won't stick!!!!   This has happen a few
times.  I finally figured out that the ice is not working. Has anyone
tried the Ela Max?  Does it work?   Do you have to glob is on or do you
put a thin layer?  How long does it have to be on before you can do the
insertion? I bought some, but I never used it until last night.  I put a
real thin layer on and left it on only about 5 minutes.   I don't think
it worked! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!Sandra....mom of Maria


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