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[IPp] Re: [IP] Important Insulin Pump Question (reps wearing pumps)

Pumpers and Friends,
    Hi Barbara  :-)  ... do you want to tell everyone what I think of this

for those of you who have not been a member of IP as long as some of us...
let me tell you what I think of this.... you can del now if you like... it
is one of my hot button things......

NOW DARE SOMEONE OR SOME COMPANY think that by wearing a pump for a few
days... makes them understand what it is to be a pumper... BU** SH** until
they must take insulin via a pump.. do the blood tests... make a fool out of
themself from a low of 20... deal with the 500 blood sugar... when they did
everything RIGHT and still is out of control... to know one day unless there
is a CURE found that diabetes will kill them... only then will I think it is
ok for a rep to wear a pump..... to know that it is to be a pumper you have
to be a diabetic who need to take insulin to LIVE. The last person that told
me they wore a pump for a whole week... I told nice but when are you going
to die.. until you do you have no idea what it is about... the only people I
know who have a little idea of what it is to be a pumper ...are parents..
and wife/husband/spouse who see what its like 24/7.. and watch what DM does
to their loved one and know a pump is only a tool to get thru another day.
And I will ask everyone to the pump makers what or if they do this.

                            REMEMBER TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY

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> Jan Hughey said:
> >MiniMed requires ALL reps wear a pump, DMer or not. I would hope that
> all the pump companies require that effort or they don't get employed.
> makes sense. ;-)<
> Is this something in a current company policy?
> I have met many MM reps who don't wear pumps. I personally know several
> trainers who do not wear pumps.
> BarbaraB.

ps: Barbara,  I'm Smiling and Happy to have you as a friend... have idea for
a camp... could use your input on it.

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