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[IPp] Meter Problems

My son has had a very crazy week with his bg readings.  It started Sunday when
the onetouch meter said his bg was 67 I gave him some juice and then rechecked
him in about 25 minutes and it said 68.  I then gave him some carbs and
checked him in 30 min and it said 100.  So I suspended his pump thinking
something wasn't right and then just kept an eye on him for the next couple of
hours.  Well this pattern continued for the next few days.  I called my endo
clinic and they said they wanted to test him for Celiac.  Well tonight before
dinner I check him and my meter says LO so I start freaking out, never had
this happen before.  My husband gives him some juice and then I think he's not
acting low, especially THAT low so we recheck him.  The meter says 26.  Then I
decide to check my non-d daughter and it says 28.  Then we get a different
meter and check him and he's 206.  I couldn't believe it I thought who knows
how long this meter has been malfunctioning.  I've been pumping him with juice
since Sunday!!!  I was so angry with myself.  I know to check with a different
meter when things don't seem right, but I've never had this problem before and
I had so much faith in my onetouch.  Just a reminder machines mess up too!!!

Mother to Conner 5 dxd 4/02 pumping with the Cozmo 4/03
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