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Re: [IPp] Questions regarding basals

> Hello,
> We've been pumping for about 2 months and loving it!!  Using the
> Cozmo but I have a question about basals.  (Don't we all?)
> I realize every child is different but when my son is very active
> his basal needs change drastically in the middle of the night.

This phenomena is not confined to just kids, they are just a little 
more active than most adults. 

>  I am
> wondering if there is any kind of typical pattern for children. 

Nope, when he's active, just plan on setting a temp basal rate for 
the night that is lower as your endo has explained.

> What I am seeing is from around midnight to 3 a.m. the sugars fall
> about 100 points.  Our endo. told us when he was active to lower the
> basal rates from 10 pm. to 8 am about .2 tenths.  We have done this
> and the last two nights after being quite active he was 43 at 3 a.m.
> and 70 at 3 a.m.  His midnight sugars are good.  We gave juice both
> times and he was okay at 8 am.  Is there a trick to this 3 am drop? 

Lily just lowers her basals until she gets up the next morning.

>  I am wondering if I should just hardly give any basal from midnight
> to 3 am, when he is active.  He is getting a .3 basal right now from
> midnight to 3 am.

heh... heh... don't worry, this will change as well. Just wait until 
his night time basals are 1-2 units per hour (when he's a teen).

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