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[IPp] Diabetes Emergency Intervention Initiative

Diabetes Emergency Intervention, DEI and who is it aimed at...
DEI similar to CPR
in that it gives pertinent basic education to enable others to aid and assist
a diabetic in crisis and by introduction to the acute issues people on
insulin are
at risk for may provide a society that is more accepting and supportive to
challenges of daily life and lend itself to initiating improved habits,
standards, and
care that the person with diabetes needs to maintaining a healthy
The educational awareness can be the tool needed to dispel the myths and
surrounding diabetes. In this century we have the science and pharmacology
now we have to apply the good common sense to use it...
We need to introduce the community to testing devices, meters and pumps...
We are a superior culture that is familiar with most user friendly gadgets
the basic needs should be known...
Obviously this would improve the millions of lives that have diabetes...
It would improve the standards of care by any professionals in medicine...
Made available for Senior communities, Daycare's, Hospitals, Security Guards,
Police Depart., Fire Depart., Schools, etc.
Anyone that seeks certification in CPR and first aid would be candidates for
Diabetes Emergency Intervention...
Others that may never have sought out CPR and first aid may be steered to
because a loved one, friend, student, or coworker has gotten diabetes...
Today's level of conscientious intervention is superior ...
we are so beyond a society that's answer was:
  a card carried in a wallet that says:

Looking forward to your response to this initiative.
Sandra McCarthy

Sandra McCarthy
145 West Hill Road
Marlborough, MA 01752

508 460 0026
508 481 3381

email to : email @ redacted

I wanted to share an initiative that I am working on.
Diabetes Emergency Intervention.
regarding ABC's  and DEI - Diabetes Emergency Intervention.
I mailed the original proposal via the U.S. Post. to many constiuents.

First Responders  assess vital signs = A- airway, B- breath sounds and C-
   For the diabetic bg (Blood glucose level) is a vital sign
that said, we need to add:    D- diabetes....

for the protocol of first responders...

Therefore with today's technology (meters) enabling us to retrieve bg in 5
it is ludicrous NOT to obtain this information, and act on it.

Also, the cost of this type of educational awareness is so trivial, when
compared to
the unnecessary extensive cost that ignorance promotes for the diabetic in an
unknowing society.

I believe that if pharmaceutical companies that manufacture meters were
financially to the initiative it would be profitable for them as more testing
would be done and the preemptive testing would serve the diabetic population
in the big picture.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Sandra McCarthy

This is my original proposal letter:  Diabetes Emergency Intervention

Sandra McCarthy
145 West Hill Road
Marlborough, MA 01752

508 460 0026
508 481 3381

email to : email @ redacted

April 01, 2003                                                      

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing you today to express an idea that would improve a major health
issue!  Your participation is vital to seeing this become a reality!
I am personally convinced that this is doable, and has the merit to warrant
specialized attention!
Thank You in advance for your consideration and I look forward to your
valuable contribution to this endeavor.
Shortly after my 3yr old daughter, Colleen was dx with Type 1 (insulin
dependent) Diabetes in 1999.
I came to the realization that there was a need for increased awareness of
this condition which effects millions.
Certainly as her mother, my priority is her well being; as a medical
professional myself, I felt all diabetics today, live without the degree of
that we as a society could and should be providing them.
My primary concern was that although diabetics on insulin (whether Type 1 or
Type 2) are at risk for an acute insulin reaction or severe hyperglycemic
event at any given time ...
there was no common course of action widely known amongst lay people or
I found this to be absurd and personally unacceptable...
In this society we have obtained excepted knowledge regarding many situations
that often with simple quick action,
we can reverse potentially grave situations... i.e.,

choking         drowning           respiratory failure         allergic
burns        contamination (eyes, skin)          neck injuries      
electrical shock
exposure to the elements             dehydration          bone fractures
bleeding            poisonings         heart failures          *even heart

Always striving to save lives, decrease permanent damage, making the human
condition ultimately stronger by lessening the unnatural loss of life or
prevention of unnecessary injuries through interventions. Which are always
effective methods verses the alternatives in all cases.

This has impacted the financial status of medical care ... by education,
early intervention, first responders, trauma centers, etc. verses ignorance
and the price tag it carries.

This said I believe and strive to see implemented... a program that parallels

           I, denote it: as  DEI   =  Diabetes Emergency Intervention
This would be directed to make all people aware of the acute problems
diabetics may have, a course of action to be taken and would be for both lay
and the professionals.
The appropriate levels of  certification, similar to CPR courses which have
evolved and been successful for decades...

I would highly suggest that diabetics be certified themselves! Encouragement
wear emergency ids and carry supplies; glucose, glucagon kits, carbs,
insulin, meters, etc. necessary for intervention at all times.

This has been a huge oversight and I wish to see this remedied.

My goal is to see something formerly initiated by a recognized authority;
government, organization, facility, and/or institution...

This would make the world a safer place, for those who endure a life with

My calendar agenda is by the Fall of 2004; the significance:
my daughter will have had diabetes for five years ... well more than half her

I hope that you will join me in finding the key to establishing this
initiative!  I look forward to your response!

Live well
Sandra McCarthy


Sandra McCarthy
145 West Hill Road
Marlborough, MA 01752

508 460 0026
508 481 3381

email to : email @ redacted

~~~~~~~~SUPPORT  Diabetes Emergency Intervention Certification NOW~~~~~~~
                            Levels for lay people, healthworkers,
                                nurses, and physicians...
      people on insulin are on life support and as a society we all need to
      prepared to intercede when needed...   its common sense, its
      its necessary, its been overlooked for far to long...

Think of the awareness this could bring to type 1 diabetes and the children
who live a lifetime with it...

First step an ongoing dialogue! Speak up and call for action on this
important iniative.
Make the world a safer place for your children, its the most concrete thing
you can do today that will effect their quality of life now...
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: