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Re: [IPp] question about Jesse's basals

In a message dated 6/16/2003 6:45:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> ok heres the question , jesse goes to bed with a bs of
> about 100ish at 9-10 pm ,  wakes up with a BS around
> 100-150  .... sounds great ..huh.....unfortunately he
> has a big rise from 10pm- 2:30 am , his BS averages
> anywhere from 235-280 by 2 ish ,   then after 3 he
> starts to drop 100 or so points   ugh... 
> so...   for tonight I raised the 8pm-10pm to .7   
> does he need this raised all the way til midnight?????

How many nights have you seen this pattern occuring?  It *could* just be a 
growth spurt (which for my daughter lasts anywhere from 4-14 days or so).  
 Growth hormones are typically released in the midnight to 2 or 3 am time frame
. .
. We deal with those by doing corrective boluses during the night because we 
never know when they will end  -- and raising her basals to deal with a very 
temporary trend would just mean she'd crash during the night when the growth 
 spurt does end . . . What's going on with Jesse might not be a growth spurt,
it also could very well be and I just thought I'd mention it as something to 

If you're convinced it's an ongoing trend and not a temporary growth spurt 
that's causing the highs, then you might want to consider adjusting his basals 
UP .1u or .2u from 10 to midnight for a couple of nights while also reducing 
his basals say from 2 am to 6 am by .1u.  The reason I suggest a reduction is 
 because if he's been going to bed ok (around 100) and waking up around the
with highs in between, I'd guess that his early am basals were higher than 
necessary (thereby lowering those highs down into range by the time he wakes 
up).  If you don't lower these early am basals but do manage to eliminate the 
10:30-2 highs, then you could have a kid that ends up craching in the early 
 morning hours. If the first .1u or .2u increase doesn't do enough, then you
try increasing it another .1u per hour after a couple of days and/or 
increasing the basals from midnight to 2 am by .1u   or .2 u  

Of course all of this tweaking of overnight basals means you aren't going to 
be getting much sleep since you'd need to be checking every 2 hours for at 
least several nights in a row following each change . . .

Anyways, just thought I'd share how I would approach it . . .HTH
Pumpmama to Katie who just celebrated her second "Pump-versary"
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