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Re: [IPp] Choosing a pump

On 6/15/03 1:00 PM, "Catherine Schulz" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> We're trying to choose between the Deltec Cozmo, which has lots of great
> features, and the Animas, which has awesome customer service.  My Emma is 4
> (Dx
> 10/9/02) and will be in pre-kindergarten in the fall.  We need a pump that
> will
> be easy for a teacher to use because we have no school nurse.  Any help out
> there?
> Catherine Schulz 
> email @ redacted
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Finally a question that I can really address!  there is no question that For
Us the answer was the Cosmo.  Ty was six last december and he loves his
cosmo.  We had the animas previously for a month as a loaner and it is a
great pump with fabulous customer support, but the calculation features of
the cosmo and the inputting ease of the carbs means I can even talk his
teacher through I{ sometimes I've gotten stuck somewhere and not been able
to get to his school in time for lunch bell}, He now does it himself with
adult supervision.  We also like the .05 basal and carb feature as ty uses
very little insulin.  We had a paradigm pushed by our first endo and hated
the customer service[ sometimes six hour return call, sometimes the next
day]we also did'nt like the battery usage[high].  The cosmo customer
service, amd we have had to send our pump back, has been terrific as well.
So that9s my story and I'm sticking to it! Tired mom of Ty-Christina
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