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[IPp] question about Jesse's basals

Here it is short and sweet...
jesse's basals-
mid-6am        .3
6am-2pm        .4
2pm-6pm        .3  recently lowered due to his
6pm - 8        .6
8pm-10pm       .6 ***same as above ,but wasnt always..
10-mid         .6

ok heres the question , jesse goes to bed with a bs of
about 100ish at 9-10 pm ,  wakes up with a BS around
100-150  .... sounds great ..huh.....unfortunately he
has a big rise from 10pm- 2:30 am , his BS averages
anywhere from 235-280 by 2 ish ,    then after 3 he
starts to drop 100 or so points    ugh... 
so...    for tonight I raised the 8pm-10pm to .7    
does he need this raised all the way til midnight?????
  I can't really raise the 6pm -8 pm because he's
usually on a temp basal at this time while he plays
basketball...  and then when do I decrease him to
lessen the drop???    Or an I being too anal retentive
about this whole thing..... Good thing I test at night
 **wink ** wink**

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