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Re: [IPp] seizures

What pump are you using?   Minde' mom of Demi;' age 10 dx 8/8/97
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Subject: [IPp] seizures

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>  I wrote last week that my son had a seizure on monday night. He almost
> out at school on Thursday, he was found on the floor and a little dazed in
> hall. He had another bad low on Friday night. Despite the fact that I
> his basal rates significantly and decreased all of his bolus' this just
> happening and it never had before. At 12:45 am on Saturday morning, just
> the last bad low I called minimed to see if they could go over safety
checks on
> our 508. The pump FAILED the test where you watch for the line on the
> screw and therefore we were told to disconnect and a new pump is arriving
> 10:30am on Monday. Was I ever glad to go back to injections! We are using
> for the first time and so far it is working great. His am bg was 139 and
> overnight I only gave his a correction inj. at 12midnight for a 218--not
bad. At
> 5 am he was 98. I forget the 2am but it was good. I had been really taking
> pump for granted, it is so convienient!
>   to say "give yourself 2 units, Chris". Oh, well, I just wish it had
> to me earlier that the pump might be the problem. I guess I was so used to
> trusting it that it didnt't click.Another moment in life to learn from and
> on. Now, if I could just stop telling myself that I should have thought of
> before Friday. Mary, mom to Chris, age 8, pumping since 11/00.
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