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[IPp] Re: Seizures

       I do hope that a new pump solves your problems.  I was interested to 
read that there are "safety checks" that you can do on your pump.  We have a 
Disetronic H-tron, I wonder if they have something similar?  Anybody know?  
       Don't feel bad about not suspecting it to be a pump problem.  There 
are so many variables with this disease, especially with growing kids.  Last 
 summer Claire had problems for about 6 weeks and I never suspected that it
be faulty sets, but that's what it likely was.  I had changed everything 
 possible except the sets. When she landed up in hospital in DKA the
suggested the sets might be faulty and sure enough a brand new box obtained 
 from the pharmacy solved her problems. And this solution came from a doctor who
had never even seen a pump before--it was just common sense to her.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9  
> At 12:45 am on Saturday morning, just after
> the last bad low I called minimed to see if they could go over safety checks 
> on
> our 508. The pump FAILED the test where you watch for the line on the inside
> screw and therefore we were told to disconnect and a new pump is arriving by
> 10:30am on Monday. Was I ever glad to go back to injections!
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