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[IPp] Re: Type 1 on the way?

Dear Barb,
  I know just how you feel!  My oldest daughter was diagnosed at the age of
8.  I have a daughter who is 4, and a son who just turned 2.  Right before
Thanksgiving, my son was sick, vomiting, diareah, etc. for a week straight.
Even though he was vomiting, he was having a lot of very wet diapers.  I
decided to check his blood sugars while he slept.  He was in the mid 200's
(I don't remember the exact number.)  It was right after he had vomited,
though, and he was sick.  I didn't realize then that even a non diabetic's
sugars can go a little high occasionally without them actually having
diabetes.    I decided to check my 4 year old daughter.  She was in the
400's (She had just eaten sweats.....again, duh with the knowledge on my
  Needless to say, I flipped!  I called the pediatrician and had them do
A1c's on them immediately.  They ended up being fine.  One of them had a
5.2, and one had a 5.7 A1c. (Can't remember whose was whose.)  I was then
told by my endo that when a diabetics blood sugars rise, they do not come
back down.  A non diabetics blood sugars will rise after eating or after
they have been sick, but they do come back down.
  I hope that I have helped you.  I know how worried you feel right now.
Try what Barbara said, and call your doctor to have an A1c done.  I was told
that it was important for the siblings of a diabetic to have them done
annually anyway, but the chances that lightening would strike twice are far
and few between.
PumpMom to Jessy (age 9, DX 1/02 pumping since 6/02), Julie (age 4, non
diab.) & Trevor (age 2, non diab.)
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