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Re: [IPp] Low blood sugar at school


We have not begun the celiac diet yet.  We have only done the blood test and
are waiting to meet with a peds gastroenterologist.  Alec is getting the
pump in a couple of weeks so we are kind of taking one matter at a time
right now.  I know what you mean about not being sure if they have it or not
  I am confused how it differs from other food allergies, especially those
allergic to wheat.  I have friends with children who have wheat allergies
and they eat wheat in small doses and take claritin to control their
symptoms.  They've never heard of any intestinal damage before.  So,
obviously, I have a lot of questions.  I had myself tested because I exhibit
many symptoms, and I came back negative so go figure!

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Date: Wednesday, June 04, 2003 8:20:49 PM
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Subject: Re: [IPp] Low blood sugar at school

> Carla, how quickly did your child's blood sugars stabilize after your
> dx's? My daughter was dx'd one year ago and we have been gluten-free, but
> have not seen an improvement in her numbers. She is almost 16 now. Was
> with D just before she turned 9 and pumping for 3 years now. I'm
suspicious of
> the Celiac dx's. I'm not 100% convinced that she has it. She never
> ANY symptoms. In fact, she has been gaining weight steadily since way
> last June and continually since. It's so frustrating.
> Shellie, Mom to:
> Rachel 8-8-87 dx'd 7-5-96 pumping 5-18-99 Celiac 6-12-02
> Tara 5-4-89 non-D
> Zach 5-24-92 non-D
> Josh 1-19-94 non-D
> Megan 1-20-00 non-D
> Darcy 5-17-01 non-D (yes, I am the last one!)


FYI: My diabetec son (14) was dx with Celiac when he was 3 after 2 1/2
years of searching for an answer to his severe symptoms. He was only dx
with the diabetes two years ago. My 17 year old daughter (non-d) was dx
with Celiac at the age of 10. She had no symptoms and continued to grow,
but it was still important to go gluten-free to avoid later complications.
Also, the gluten-free food's carb amounts are more condensed.

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