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[IPp] seizures

 I wrote last week that my son had a seizure on monday night. He almost passed
out at school on Thursday, he was found on the floor and a little dazed in the
hall. He had another bad low on Friday night. Despite the fact that I lowered
his basal rates significantly and decreased all of his bolus' this just kept
happening and it never had before. At 12:45 am on Saturday morning, just after
the last bad low I called minimed to see if they could go over safety checks on
our 508. The pump FAILED the test where you watch for the line on the inside
screw and therefore we were told to disconnect and a new pump is arriving by
10:30am on Monday. Was I ever glad to go back to injections! We are using lantus
for the first time and so far it is working great. His am bg was 139 and
overnight I only gave his a correction inj. at 12midnight for a 218--not bad. At
5 am he was 98. I forget the 2am but it was good. I had been really taking this
pump for granted, it is so convienient!
  to say "give yourself 2 units, Chris". Oh, well, I just wish it had occurred
to me earlier that the pump might be the problem. I guess I was so used to
trusting it that it didnt't click.Another moment in life to learn from and move
on. Now, if I could just stop telling myself that I should have thought of it
before Friday. Mary, mom to Chris, age 8, pumping since 11/00.

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