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[IPp] Re: Type 1 on the way?

       I think that those bg numbers sound just fine.  But I understand that 
it is worrying.  My non-dm son is always thirsty and hungry, LOL.  Don't think 
I have every checked his bgs, though, cause he just doesn't want me to.  My 
other son is never thirsty and never hungry (very thin), I check his bgs every 
so often, more to look for low blood sugar readings.  
       Why don't you test your non-dm daughter after giving her a big sugar 
load?  Did you have a GTT test when you were pregnant?  They give you a 
 disgustingly sweet drink and then test your bgs at one hour and two hours. You
try giving her about 50 carbs in a drink and then see what her bg was after 
 about 75 minutes. It might really relieve some of your anxiety if that reading
came out just fine.  Just don't forget to have her wash her hands first, so 
you don't get a false number!
       Best of luck and let us know how it goes if you try it.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9

> My oldest daughter (now age 8) was diagnosed with Type 1 at age 4.  Now, my
> youngest daughter (age 4) is going through the same routine my oldest did:
> thirsty and starving!  I have been doing random blood level tests and she
> runs anywhere between 120 - 150 during the day and around 100 when fasting
> (first thing in a.m.)  I wonder if this is beginning signs that diabetes is
> on the way or do you suppose I am just being paranoid?
> Barb
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