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[IPp] Re: Celiac disease

       You mention that your daughter was dx with celiac with no symptoms.  
Does that mean that the doctors were testing her now and again for the Celiac, 
given that her brother had it?  If so, how often did they test, every couple 
of years??
       I'm just wondering how often Claire should be tested.  The last time 
was 3 years ago and it was negative.  I'm also interested in having her non-DM 
brother checked for this.  He is very, very thin and fatigues so easily.  This 
has gone on for years and the doctors have checked for everything else.  Do 
 you know what the routine blood test is called, in case our new GP doesn't know
what it is?
Barbara, Mum of Claire 9

> FYI:  My diabetec son (14) was dx with Celiac when he was 3 after 2 1/2
> years of searching for an answer to his severe symptoms.  He was only dx
> with the diabetes two years ago.  My 17 year old daughter (non-d) was dx
> with Celiac at the age of 10.  She had no symptoms and continued to grow,
> but it was still important to go gluten-free to avoid later complications.
> Also, the gluten-free food's carb amounts are more condensed.
> Carol
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