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Re: [IPp] Novolog

When you changed to Novolog from Humalog, did you just make the switch and 
adjust your boluses and basals only if you saw the need to?  Or did you try 
to anticipate and be pro-active on the changes?  Seems like since everyone 
has different results, there's not really a way to predict what changes we 
could make until we see the need...

Also, Jeremy is very attuned to his symptoms of highs and lows on the 
Humalog.  When any of you switched to Novolog, did you notice if your kids 
were still able to sense the feelings the feelings of highs and lows easily? 
  This really concerns me.

We have switched to doing site changes on MWF because we found we were 
holding our breath on the 3rd days of his sites, hoping for good numbers and 
rarely getting them. He uses the QuickSets and he loves them, does the 
entire site change himself when he feels like it, so I am not eager to 
change sets.   He says he would rather do more freqent site changes than 
switch sets, but I am thinking that maybe changing to Novolog might give us 
a more stable 3rd day.

I would appreciate any feedback.

-- Allison
mom to Jeremy, 9, 1-year pump start anniversary tomorrow!

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