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Re: [IPp] Type 1 on the way?


I will hope for the best for you.  What you have described certainly does
NOT mean that she is developing diabetes, but for your own piece of mind and
to be on top of the game just in case, I think it's worth a few phone calls.

I am certainly no doctor, but in my opinion it does seem like reason for
concern.  However, there are several ongoing clinical trials designed to
prolong the honeymoon by trying to  halt further destruction of beta cells.
If she is indeed developing diabetes, I think you have a great opportunity
to catch it very early on and possibly  really help.  I am unfortunately
packing to leave for the JDRF conference tomorrow and don't have time to
find the sites, but there is one study at the NIH using interferon-alpha,
another at Columbia University, and I just heard about a brand new one on
the www.childrenwithdiabetes.com website.


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Subject: [IPp] Type 1 on the way?

> My oldest daughter (now age 8) was diagnosed with Type 1 at age 4.  Now,
> youngest daughter (age 4) is going through the same routine my oldest did:
> thirsty and starving!  I have been doing random blood level tests and she
> runs anywhere between 120 - 150 during the day and around 100 when fasting
> (first thing in a.m.)  I wonder if this is beginning signs that diabetes
> on the way or do you suppose I am just being paranoid?
> Barb
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