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Re: [IPp] Low blood sugar at school

> Carla, how quickly did your child's blood sugars stabilize after your
> dx's?  My daughter was dx'd one year ago and we have been gluten-free, but
> have not seen an improvement in her numbers.  She is almost 16 now.  Was
>  with D just before she turned 9 and pumping for 3 years now. I'm
suspicious of
> the Celiac dx's.  I'm not 100% convinced that she has it.  She never
> ANY symptoms.  In fact, she has been gaining weight steadily since way
> last June and continually since.  It's so frustrating.
> Shellie, Mom to:
> Rachel 8-8-87 dx'd 7-5-96 pumping 5-18-99 Celiac 6-12-02
> Tara 5-4-89 non-D
> Zach 5-24-92 non-D
> Josh 1-19-94 non-D
> Megan 1-20-00 non-D
> Darcy 5-17-01 non-D (yes, I am the last one!)


FYI:  My diabetec son (14) was dx with Celiac when he was 3 after 2 1/2
years of searching for an answer to his severe symptoms.  He was only dx
with the diabetes two years ago.  My 17 year old daughter (non-d) was dx
with Celiac at the age of 10.  She had no symptoms and continued to grow,
but it was still important to go gluten-free to avoid later complications.
Also, the gluten-free food's carb amounts are more condensed.

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