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Re: [IPp] Low blood sugar at school

 We had that happen one day last summer. Just as you described. Continued juice,
lowering bs's. No viable explanation. I truly thought for about 4 hours there
that she was "curing" herself - that the diabetes was gone and the insulin on
board was making her low. :( A mom can dream I guess. She never really did
"rebound" with a big high. I figured that it would eventually "catch up" and
make her blood go to 400 or 500, but it didn't. Very weird, but mostly extremely
scarey. Sorry to hear it happened at school. Glad to hear you've got good
nursing support.

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Hi everyone,

Today at school my six year old son Matthew had a low blood sugar of 53 at 
2:30pm, so the school nurse did exactly as she was taught and gave him a juice 
box and suspended his pump for 15 min., when she went to re test him he was 51,
so she gave another juice and kept him suspended, when she went to re test 
him again he was 50! She was freaking out and I just happened to arrive at 
school to pick him up because I drive the school bus for his school, she ran
to tell me. This has never happened before, he has always responded well to 
the juice box and his sugars always went up after 15 min. So I had her test him
again and he was 49, now I am amazed and I told her to give him something to 
eat, well all she had handy was a rice krispy treat with peanut butter, so we 
gave that to him and I kept him suspended for another 45 min. When I tested 
him 45 min later he was 82. I am wondering why he didn't respond as he 
normally does. He had no exercise and it was a typical day at school. This is
weird and I felt so dumb when the school nurse asked me why this is happening
I didn't have the answer for her. I told her it was a first for me to 
experience this. Anyone have any thoughts on this??
Sarah :) Mom to Matthew (6) MM Paradigm since May 2002, dxd 3/99 and 
Victoria (8) Non-D...Love My kids!
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pumping COZMO 2/08/03, using diluted Novolog
David 15, non-d (bass player-punk band - doing gigs at teen birthday parties)
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