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Re: [IPp] seizure last night

Have your Doctor write on your child's prescription for 2 vials.....I usually 
get 3 a month..mu daughter is 13...when she was younger my Doc said you 
should always have xtra insulin in case of Emergency...earthquake mainly and 
everything shuts down...If your Dr. does this the pharmacy must give you the 
 insulin...by the way..who told you there is a shortage???? We have plenty here
Expiration date...well if you leave in refrig..you should be ok for another 
30 days....it doesn"t breakdown quickly unless you leave it out the entire 
 month...I'll find out what it is....I'm sure its a chemical breakdown because

Orange juice will have a higher concentration of natural sugar! It's 
 absorption is FASTER than a cake jel..carb are more complex to breakdown, the
tablespoon of sugar will give the extra sugar needed....so instead of 30 carbs 
in 6-8oz.  you'll get 45,.....Trust me...it works! 
If your child does an activity..you should turn the pump down during that 
time at least by half....the basal rates continue for several hours after 
 strenous activity. Test at 12mn. / 2am / 4am you will get a very good idea of
the basal rates are doing after exercise!
If you have done all of the above..and seizures continue after all your 
 documentation..than ask your doc. to test your child for Celiac Disease. It's
absoption issue of the intestines.  Allergy is severe to wheat,rye,barley..and 
usually a milke intolerance goes with this.   The latest study shows 10/200 
diabetic kids are testing positive for this disease.
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