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Re: [IPp] seizure last night

To the Mom with seizure incident.   my daughter is now 13yrs.  has been 
 insulin-dep. since 5yrs...pumping since 10yrs. From previous experience..of the
same, actually my daughter has had 3 seizures....once conitnued to down spiral 
and could not raise her past 40 !!! more than 2 hours!!!!!  Yes the glucagon 
worked!!!!  But minutes seem like hours.

If this should ever happen to your child again, always,always use orange 
juice and put a tablespoon of sugar into it...turn the pump down...not to 
 zero....give yourself 20minutes, repeat the blood sugar..you should see a rise
 15-20minutes.... as long as your child is awake,speaking,coherent..continue
more juice till the blood sugar rises....I know that these kids have this 
 incredible appetite and they just down whatever you give them...just test every
hour till your out of the woods.    Than keep an eye on them and document in 
your book what happened that day..did you change the basal rates? did you over 
bolus? too much activity and too much insulin?  
The other thing is write down the foods your child ate that day...does your 
child have allergies to foods?  
Always stay in charge, you are doing a good job...I did the same thing you 
did...you will know better the next time..and I hope there is NEVER  next time.
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