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Re: [IPp] seizure last night

I'm sorry to hear about that Mary... seizures are sooo scary!!
 I am curious though, why did you give milk with the icing tubes? I was taught
never to give food/milk for lows cause the fat, protein, etc... can cause the BG
rise to be a lot slower. I was taught to use frosting, juice, etc... & then
after 15 minutes & the BG is over 80 to then give a high protein snack (like
milk) to sustain the BG to prevent it from going low.
I hope everything is ok now...
Rachel - Single Mom to Cole, 5, dx'd @ 23 months, pumping with Animas 2-20-03

Mary Haller <email @ redacted> wrote:
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Last night my son had a seizure at 11:20pm--the kind where his eyes are open
and he screams , it looks like in terror, and his arms and legs shake
uncontrollably. My husband and I managed to arrive just as it must have been
 starting and got a glass of milk down him and a couple of tubes of frosting
him so he never was totally passed out so we never had to give him glucagon.
About 5 minutes, or hours as it seemed, he came out of it and his bg was 40. We
gave him more milk and a slice of bread and peanut butter and he said he was
fine and went back to sleep. An hour later his bg was 143 and I had his basal
set for "0" for another hour so I knew he would be ok. One of the infrequent
 nights when you sleep but only partly. My son went to soccer practise last
 and kept his pump on the whole time. Usually our practise is to remove it
that time and especially during games, as other wise he runs low. Last night
after practise he was 108 ate a rice krispie tre!
at and a 26gm juice drink--bolused for 2 units. He came home fine after
 staying late and playing for a while at the playground. It didn't occur to me
check his bg as he had had his snack less than an hour before and seemed fine
when he went to be. We were just going to check him before we went to bed, like
we do everynight, when this all happened. I guess if i have learned nothing, it
is to be really strict about removing his pump before soccer and to go easy on
his insulin at dinner before soccer. It is easier to correct for a high than to
pay the price of a very bad low.

Mary, mother of Chris, age 8, pumping since 11/00, diag. 2/98. 

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