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[IPp] re: Camp-our cost

Wendy and others,
Regarding funding for camp... you may want to look into the Lions Club 
International, local chapter in your area... they do scholarships for 
diabetes camp
Also check your city or towns Rainy Day Fund or Mayors Fund ... they also 
scholarship low-income children...
Also my city has a Commission on Disabilities that scholarships any summer 
enrichment program for a child with a disability based on financial 
need...(informally done... a request is all that's needed). 
Any organization in your community is a possible resource Veterans, Moose, 
Masonic Hall, American Legion, churches, synagogs, Jr. Women's League, etc.
I have also heard of utilizing Country Clubs as a possibility.

On the flip side if your state has legislation... Such as here in MA The 
Diabetes Cost Reduction Act 2000 [which can be viewed on the Joslin Diabetes 
Center website] you should let your legislator know that an amendment is 
needed and Camp cost should be an addition. You should also submit for 
coverage anyway as it is outpatient training by CDE, nutritionist, 
counselors, and has an Endocrinologist... and that parellels the continuous 
education covered under these Acts... just for a child it is done in a camp 
setting. Most insurances say "camp is not covered but when but formally 
requested have reconsidered but they don't publize that they have ever paid 
for camp cost.

No family should ever worry about D camp expenses... and no child should ever 
miss the desired opportunity to go to D camp due to finances... IMHO

Good Luck Campers

San, momma to Colleen 6 dx 10/99, Timothy 8 preD 2/01,
wife to Den, Massachusetts, CWD list member since 99.-
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