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[IPp] Re: Disetronic Ultraflex infusion sets

Lauren's been pumping with an Animas for a month.  We started with
Comfort sets, but recently switched to Ultraflex sets.  With the
Comforts, I was concerned about the inconsistency of  inserting at an
angle.  It seemed I was never doing it the same way twice and my husband
and I were definitely doing it differently than each other.  So far we
like the Ultraflex.  Those sets stick well on Lauren even with swimming,
and are relatively easy to take off.  The only thing I don't like is that
the shortest cannula length is 8mm.  We get blood in the cannula after
the second day about half the time.  I emailed Disetronic to ask if they
will have a 6mm Ultraflex in the future.  I will post again when I get a
reply from Disetronic.
mom to Lauren, 6, dx'd 11/00, pumping 5/02, and Megan, 4


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