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[IPp] Re: General question

<<I know everyone is different....my son is 7 and weighs about 60

I was wondering what some of your basal rates are if you have a child in
this range.

Also is your child using a 6mm or 9mm set. Wondering if some of you have
changed from 6 to 9mm and seen a difference in that switch.

Hi Chris,
     My daughter Claire turned 8 in April, she weighs about 59 pounds.  Her 
basal insulin adds up to 9.4 units per day.  She starts the day with a .5 
basal, then her needs drop pretty quickly after lunch (during school time) to 
.3 from 11 to 4 pm., then her basal is .4 from 4 pm. until 7 am. 
      I'm don't know yet whether I will have to change this now that school 
is ended.  Also, I have to say that I have never formally done any fasting 
basal tests on her, as she never stops eating.  But I'm fairly confident that 
they are good rates for her.  
     Claire is not skinny, but neither does she have any fatty spots on her.  
(I'm surprised seeing some of the little girls, they have cute little rolls 
of flab around their midriffs that show when they wear the short tops.)  I 
would never try the 9mm length of cannula on her.  My understanding is that 
this length is for use with adults.  Even some thinner adults use the 6mm 
length.  Claire cannot even use the Quick-sets in her tummy, they get popped 
out right away.  We use her upper butt area, which has a little bit of flesh 
on it. 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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