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[IPp] general question - 7yr old

<<<<<From: "Chris Dib" <email @ redacted>
Two quick questions:
I know everyone is different....my son is 7 and weighs about 60

I was wondering what some of your basal rates are if you have a child in
this range.

Also is your child using a 6mm or 9mm set. Wondering if some of you have
changed from 6 to 9mm and seen a difference in that switch.>>>>

Chris, my son Luke is 7 & weighs about 60 pounds.  Basal rates are
YMMV - and Luke's do change about every 2-3 months in some way, perhaps
more frequently as he grows.  In general, he is using about 15-16 units/day
of insulin, with 7.8 units in basal.  His daytime basal is 0.1u/hr, and
nighttime goes from 0.6 down to 0.3 & then back up to 0.6.  Hope that
helps for reference but I've never worried about what other people's
basals are - we just go with what works for Luke.

Also, Luke is now using Silhouettes but for the year prior to that he
used 6mm QuickSets.  We tried 9mm sets once or twice but they hurt him
immediately.  He's a very lean child now that's he's been pumping and
only eats when he wants, so 9mm is way too deep for him.  We use the
Sils now - Luke's lean muscles seem to bend the cannula on the QuickSets
no matter where we were trying.  He does love that set though he is
getting used to the Sils & even pushes the button on the inserter now.

I was surprised to see on the list that a CDE recommended a 9mm set
on a 4 year old - that's insane to me.  Unless it's a very chubby 4 yr
old.   Our pump trainer was hesitant to even give us 9mm samples to
try - and she was right!

Hope that helps.
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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