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RE:[IPp] Our Pump Update (& Questions!)

I got this website off IP a month or so ago about the Paradigm and the 508.  
It definitely brings up some very valid points worth consideration while 
choosing a pump.  


As far as the clicking...it is my understanding that the Paradigm will not 
click, but the 508 definitely does.  But mind you it is not obnoxiously loud 
or anything, most people say they like the clicking because they know the 
insulin is being delivered.  I know for me I like to count the clicks to 
double check my bolusing...OK, I'm a little neurotic!  LOL!

The cost is usually some where in the $5000 range.  After all was said and 
done we paid less than $500...something like $468 or something weird like 
that.  A couple other people I know whose children are pumping said they paid 
any where from $400 to $800.  I guess it really varies.

One more thing...if it were me and I was trying to decide only between the 
508 and the Paradigm...I would go with the 508.  It has been around awhile.  
You never know with new things...sometimes the kinks aren't always worked 
out.  Most CDE's are rather experienced with the 508 and the Paradigm is so 
new some CDE's have never worked hands on with one yet.  We were scheduled to 
participate in the upgrade and turned it down.  The website I gave above gave 
some very valid points worth considering.  If we were to choose again..I 
would definitely give some VERY STRONG consideration to the Animas.  I have 
heard nothing but absolutely wonderful recommendations for it.  Unfortunately 
when we were looking they were having some serious problems with the rep 
company they were using and passed up on them.  But hindsight being 20/20 I 
wish we would have looked at them a little harder.  So...my $0.02 would be, 
don't let your endo or your CDE be the one to make the choice...only let your 
family make that choice. 

Tammy, wife to David
Mom to Shannon, 4, dx'd 2/99, pumping 3/01
& Kaitlyn 1 1/2 and running wild!
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