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[IPp] re: IPn highs and lows

<<<From: "Carol Mulligan"
I'm so depressed and frustrated today.  My CDE wants to see us at her office
on tuesday to "brainstorm".  We can't find any pattern to Devin's highs and
lows.  One night he runs high and another he runs low.  She suggested
"scheduled meal times" - yuck, it feels like going back to "forced feeding"
and eating to cover the insulin.  The best thing about the pump, was no more
forced eating and being able to eat when he wants to.  Now, she wants us to
only correct when over 200.  Isn't that too high? >>>>>>>>>

Hi Carol...
I don't know how long ago you posted about this problem and I don't know what
other kind of responses you've gotten, nor do I know what kind of insulin you
are pumping, but I felt I should tell you about our situation.  When we first
began pumping, the CDE who I was working with...who happened to also be a
pumper and a MiniMed rep, noticed that my DD had a definite pattern of low or
normal numbers the first night of a new set and high numbers on the second
night of the set.  Well, short of forcing a regular snack every night...which
we were very against...she could never offer a solution or suggestion as to
how to fix it, what was causing or what to do about it.  Basically we left it
and every night was a crap shoot.  Every once in a while things would be
perfect.  Until about 2 months ago when I read a post on IP about the humalog
crystallizing in the cannula of the set.  I have always examined the sets
when I remove them from my DD.  I had often if not almost always noticed the
cannula was cloudy.  I thought it was skin or something.  It never occurred
to me that it might be clogged.  Well...low and behold when I discussed it
with my CDE she was like...Yup some people experience that.  I could not
believe that no one had ever told me about that.  We decided to give the
Novolog a try and have had amazing results.  Our last A1c was 8.3 and of the
3 months that followed we only pumped Novolog for 1 of those months and our
A1c dropped to 8.0 which is the biggest drop we have experience to date since
pumping.  It is definitely something to consider.  I also know you don't want
to do the restricted eating thing...but to set everything up it is definitely
easier if you stay on a strict schedule for 4 to 6 weeks.  Let me know if any
of this helped or if you have any questions.

Tammy, wife to David
Mom to Shannon, 4 1/2, dx'd 2/99, pumping 3/01
& Kaitlyn 1 1/2 and running wild!
email @ redacted
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