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Re: [IPp] Our Pump Update (& Questions!)

Animas doesn't "click".  You can barely hear the motor turning while a bolus 
is being delivered.  Other than that I don't hear the pump doing anything at 
all.  I think the actual cost of pump varries but I have heard that it is 
around $5000.  I also think that it depends if your insurance company has a 
deal with the pump company.  When I get our insurance papers (should be in 
another month or so) they list the costs of everything on there so I will be 
able to find out exactly how much it cost our insurance (they covered 100% of 
the pump).  With us Animas was the only way.  I have talked with Minimed a 
bunch of times and have not had one good customer service call with them.  I 
have called Animas a ton of times and had great service every time.  We also 
chose Animas because it was the only pump that was waterproof for more than 
30 minutes (we spend half the summer in the pool so we needed something 
better).  Jacob loves that he can change the color of his pump every day if 
he wants to.  Also I know that with the Paradigm you can only buy paradigm 
infusion sets because they have a different luer lock.  I think that there 
are only a few sets to choose from on the paradigm.  With the Animas pump we 
can use whatever kind of set that we want.  We currently use Minimed brand 
sets but we order them through Animas.  Like I said before Animas has been 
more than wonderful with us.  I have called Minimed at least a dozen times 
and not had one good service call.  That to me was enough.  Ok I know that I 
talk too much.  HTH 


In a message dated 6/28/2002 10:43:18 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> 1) Can't remeber the upshot of the recent discussion:  which was the pump 
> that doesn't "click"?  One that doesn't have the clicking noise?
> 2) What are the approximate costs of the pumps (the actual pumps, not the 
> other acoutrements), so I can get an idea of what our co-pay would be??
> I know that this is a very personal deciscion & a YMMV kinda thing.  But 
> I'd 
> really love the *personal* feedback on which pump has worked for the 
> majority 
> of people (again, knowing it's an individual thing).  It's just the 
> side-by-side comparisions don't offer human feedback.  If I were buying a 
> car 
> or computer, or trying to find a really good restaurant, I'd ask those who 
> would know (and those things are very individual according to a person's 
> taste, too!).  So throwing it out there....
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