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[IPp] Re:Madison and pumping

<<We got my 4 year old daughter, Madison's, Paradigm pump delivered 
I don't have a date for a pump start yet.>>

Hi Sybil,
     I do hope that things go well when you start Madison.  I'm sure that she 
will like the idea of no shots and being able to have lots and lots of 
popsicles and ice lollies.  Claire eats many of these in the summer and they 
are so easy to bolus for--no fat or protein to complicate things.  
     If she picks at the tape on the site, you could always put an IV3000 or 
Tegaderm over the top of the Quick-set.  You wouldn't be able to disconnect, 
but neither would she be able to!!  I sewed pockets inside some of Claire's 
summer dresses, but now she prefers to stick her pump in her undies, and uses 
the clip (not sure if the H-tron clip is at all similar to the MM) to fasten 
to the undies.  She prefers a 2 piece bathing suit for this reason--she is 
doing lots of jumping on our new trampoline with the sprinkler showering her, 
these days. 
     BTW Novolog is still going great for us.  How is Morgan doing?  I will 
be away on holidays very soon, but afterwards I will be watching for updates 
on Madison's start date.  Even compliant children can get a little stressed 
and nervous about a big change like this, but I bet that big brother can 
really help out here.
Best wishes,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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