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[IPp] Pizza-what we do & Camp-our cost

Just wanted to put my two cents on the pizza question.
Megan is 11 and is 5'5" and a big girl--her endo told
us to let her have only 3 pieces and to bolus 8 units
after the meal for the fat.  This works great unless
it is frozen pizza-then since we have the carb & fat
count we do her regular calucations.

Also, wanted to put in our two-cents worth about camp,
Luckily, Megan's camp is only about 50 miles from
here, Other years (this was her 3rd year)it has been
free--because it is paid by the Diabetes Management
Center in Tupelo, MS but this year, since they have
had so many new campers got paid full(if income is
low)and campers that had been there before got $200
off.  The total amount was $345 or $470 if they were
horseback riding.  It is a week long camp.  I pick her
up tomorrow morning.  She has lived with her dad and
I(I'm the stepmom)since December 2001, it is the first
week I have had that I didn't have to worry.  It has
been a very needed vacation for me.  (although, I am
so glad it is time to pick her up).  Camp is a very
important thing for her and us!  Beleive me, if there
is a way possible I will try to help her be able to
go.  She is on Medicaid (I am sure they do not
reimburse for it--they wouldn't even reimburse for the
training on her pump)

Camp I say is good for the children as well as being
good for the family too.  Diabetes in children can be
very hard sometimes on the persons helping the
children cope with it.


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