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Re: [IPp] Our Pump Update (& Questions!)

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Sent: Friday, June 28, 2002 11:42 PM
Subject: [IPp] Our Pump Update (& Questions!)

> 1) Can't remeber the upshot of the recent discussion:  which was the pump
> that doesn't "click"?  One that doesn't have the clicking noise?
> 2) What are the approximate costs of the pumps (the actual pumps, not the
> other acoutrements), so I can get an idea of what our co-pay would be??
> I know that this is a very personal deciscion & a YMMV kinda thing.  But
> really love the *personal* feedback on which pump has worked for the
> of people (again, knowing it's an individual thing).  > Marie  :)
> Mom to Nikkolas (Nikko) - 7/98
> Dx'd 3/01

1) Animas does not click.

2) I believe the actual cost of the pump is around $5500.

3) We love Animas.  For many reasons.  The first being that they were
instrumental in helping to get my son pumping when all the doctors in the
area refused to put a newly diagnosed 7 year old on a pump.  They have been
outstanding in customer service.  They have gone way above and beyond duty
many times.  I trust the people at Animas and I feel comfortable that if we
ever have a problem, they will be there to help us.

The majority of the people I have talked to at Animas are pump users
themselves.  They are committed to helping others pump successfully and are
very understanding of what life with diabetes is like.

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