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Re: [IPp] pizza question

Hi Chris,

When using carb factors you first weigh the food and then multiply it by the
carb factor to find out how many grams of carbs it has.  So for example if
you weigh 100 grams of pizza you would multiply 100 x .28 = 28 grams of
carb.  I love weighing fruits and vegetables too because it's a lot more
accurate than trying to decide if your apple is medium size.  But I love it
especially for pasta, because it's so easy to just dish out a reasonable
portion and then weigh it.  Before a cup wasn't enough, but 2 cups was too
much ...  To me it just seemed like such a hassle.  But the best benefit of
all is that we usually get much better numbers when we weigh food.  As
always YMMV.

Marisa  :)

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> Marisa
> Great idea on weighing the pizza.......you said you use a factor of
> .28.....explain how you do your figureing????Is it 28 carbs for what
> weight???
> Thanks
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