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Re: [IPp] Re: pop-digest V1 #101

> > > Was just wondering how you like the Glucowatch, now that you've had it
> > > awhile?
> > >
> >
> > Carol, We sent it back because it did not alarm very loud. It wouldn't
> wake
> > me or Jake up even if I slept w/ him. We bought it strictly for at night
> > w/lows and the alarm.It is very sensitive to sweat also, so he couldn't
> wear
> > it during the day. He is very active and an outside person. I hope they
> make
> > the alarm louder on the glucowatch2 that's supposed to be coming out.
> Trena
> Trena,
> Thanks. Found out our insurance wouldn't cover it even if it worked
> there are glucose meters that do the same thing and are cheaper.
> Carol

You absolutely should not accept the insurance company saying that there are
glucose meters that will do the same thing! That is nonsense and they are
just mouthing generalities without addressing specific facts. What you need
is a letter of medical necessity that emphasis the things that other meters
will not do - measurement of trends, detection of BG spikes, measurement of
BG at times/conditions that would be inconvenient/impossible otherwise, high
and low level alarms. At that point if they persist that other meters will
do the same thing ask them for specifics.

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